Cash For Cars Wreckers or Sell My Car Online?

Have you heard the horror stories about selling a car online? Have you wasted hours of your time creating a listing that got no response? In so many cases it’s just not worth it, especially when services like Cash for Cars Adelaide can make it quick and easy to get rid of your car. 

When you try to sell a car online you’re likely to: 

  • waste time creating a listing
  • waste time texting and chasing up potential buyers
  • have to reduce the price again and again
  • wait weeks for a sale

Selling a car online will take up a lot of your time. First there’s the time it takes to create the listing.  It takes time to get your car tidied up and cleaned up, removing car seats, rubbish and junk. Then you have to make sure it’s in a suitable location to be photographed.  If your car is stuck in a dark shed or in-between other cars, it’s not going to be easy to get a quality shot. And let’s face it; some of us are better and taking photos than others. Camera photos turn out blurry and dark, they can be out of focus and unclear. 

Once you’ve managed to get a suitable picture or two, you then have to pick which website or sites you are going to use. And there are lots of options out there, which mean buyers have plenty of sites to choose from. To get your listing to the best potential buyers you might need three of four ads on different sites. You’ll have to go through the process of creating accounts, or trying to remember the login to an account you’ve had previously. 

Then there’s the effort of downloading the photos and uploading them to wherever they need to go.  You need to have all the make and model details and manuals available to fill in all the annoying listing criteria and you have to try to think of a clever way of describing your car so it stands out from the pack. It’s not worth it! 

Why go through all the pain of selling your car online, when Cash for Cars Adelaide, local scrap car buyers, can quickly and simply take your junk car. You don’t have to clean it up or wash it for us. We pay a fair price of up to $9999. That bothersome, broken down old vehicle will be gone for good and the only time you will have to spent is the time it takes to make one quick phone call. 

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