Accident Car Removals

Oh no! Been in an accident? It happens. And it happens quite a lot. Cash for Cars Adelaide have been in the business for years and we’ve seen all kinds of vehicles involved in all kinds of bumps, scrapes, smashes and crashes. Unfortunately, when your car has been in an accident it is often not worth repairing it. If your car has been written off and can’t be driven anymore, there is no point having it towed to a repair yard. Call us to remove your car from the scene of the accident.

Cash Accident Cars Adelaide

One of the best features of our car accident tow service is that we are quick and responsive. We will take your call 24hrs a day to help you get your car taken away. Don’t leave your car sitting in a precarious position on the road. If your car is wrecked and you need to get rid of it, we will pay cash to collect it. Accident Car Removals can be stressful- but they don’t need to be. Cash for Cars Adelaide will help.

Adelaide Vehicle Accident Tow

There are just four simple steps to have your vehicle towed from the scene of an accident.

Quick and Easy Cash for Cars

When there is no point trying to repair or restore a car that has been in an accident, you’ll just want it taken away quickly. Don’t bother with the headache of having your car towed someplace where it will sit for days or weeks until you can make alternative arrangements. Call us on 0468523510 and we will provide our caring Accident Car Removals service from the scene, leaving you with the cash and nothing more to worry about.

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