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Car Removal

Is your old car eating a lot of your yard space? Maximise space and turn your scrap car cash by partnering with Cash For Cars Adelaide.

Cash for trucks

When your truck gets to the point where you are unable to run it or you can’t continue spending on works and repairs, then it’s time to consider contacting

Cash for old cars

Cash For Cars Adelaide IS THE NAME you need to turn to, if you are residing in and around Adelaide and if you are planning to sell off your old car for best cash for cars.

Cash for 4wd cars

Planning to dispose of your old, unused, disintegrating 4WD car and get some quick cash instead? Look no beyond than Cash For Cars Adelaide!!!!

Instant Cash for Cars in Adelaide by Professional Wreckers

Are you running short of space to accommodate your ever-growing requirements? Wreck your junk car and get instant cash 4 cars delivered right in your pocket! Cash For Cars Adelaide is a licensed company having a reputation of providing consistent and quality car collection, wrecking and recycling services as per your convenience. We buy cars for cash, follow a streamlined business model and deliver instant lucrative cash for broken down cars, scrap car, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles irrespective of the make, model or brand. Our professional car wreckers put forth relentless efforts to ensure all the components of your scrap car are recycled and utilised in the best possible way without causing any environmental damage.

Lucrative Cash for Unwanted Cars,UTE, Vans & Trucks

Same-Day, Hassle-Free Car Removals

Wrecking Cars of All Make, Models & Brand

Minimum Paperwork & Free Documentation

Free Pickup from Any Location

Types of Cars We Buy

When it comes to car wrecking against top-dollar cash for cars in SA most people get confused about whether they would get the desired price for their vehicle. At Cash For Cars Adelaide, we buy all types of cars against lucrative cash for car irrespective of the make, model or brand. We pay handsome cash for:

3 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Junk Car in a Jiffy!

A junk car sitting idle in your yard not just looks unsightly but blocks space to accommodate your ever-growing requirements. The best way to free up space is to wreck your junk cars and get instant cash for cars.  Regardless of the year of manufacture, we inspect and diagnose the internal components and offer top dollar cash for cars in Adelaide right on spot. Even if your car seems useless, the busted engine or rust pipes can be recycled if handled properly. 

Call us and get your car removed in 3 easy steps:

Ask for a free quote

You can fill up our “get a quote” online form mentioning your car’s details or give us a call mentioning your car’s age, condition, year of manufacture and mileage. Our team will evaluate the information and get back to you with an instant free quote!

Schedule An Appointment

Once you agree upon our quote, we will schedule an on-spot appointment and pick up your car from your premises in a hassle-free manner. We offer free car towing so that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Instant Cash Delivered Right On Spot

We analyse and diagnose the condition of your vehicle and tow your car from your premises for free. Our team will arrive at your premises and offer lucrative cash for scrap cars in adelaide right on spot.

Hassle-Free Car Removal & Towing Services By Trained Wreckers
At Cash For Cars Adelaide, we make your car selling experience better than ever. If you are wondering about what to do with a damaged, accidental or scrap vehicle, we have the right solution for you. Instead of splurging a hefty amount in getting your scrap car repaired, you can turn your junk car into quick cash for cars in Adelaide by partnering with our professional wreckers. We offer same-day free car removal services without causing environmental damage.

At Cash For Cars Adelaide purchase all types of vans, trucks, UTE’s and cars irrespective of the make, model or brand. If you are thinking about towing your car during removal, we can end your woes too! Our expert mechanics offer car towing for free and put relentless efforts to make car removal a breeze. Damaged car fetches the risk of potential injuries and needs special care and attention during removal. Having our certified wreckers by your side, you can expect quick, reliable and safe car removal with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.



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Frequently Asked Questions

We have been in the business for a number of years and we have some of the best experts with access to state of the art tools and technology to provide eco friendly removal, dismantling and recycling of your car. Thus, we will never let your car contribute to carbon  footprint.

Yes, of course. We buy cars of every make, model, and conditions. Thus, even if your car is intact, but it only does not work, we will tow it away for instant cash. We offer removal of cars that are old, redundant, accident-damaged, outdated and unsafe cars.

At Cash For Cars Adelaide, we remove cars of any make and model, which include cars, 4WDs, SUVs, UTES, vans, trucks that have busted engines, those are incapable of rolling, the cars that have met with accident, have dysfunctional spare parts, that are trusted or have been left unused for years.

Yes, we are a fully insured company, and all our experts are bonded and licensed. This makes us the safest option.

We need minimal documents for car removal and this is the reason our service is so seamless. The documents we need include a valid ID card with a photograph, Certificate of title, documents that clearly state any outstanding debt on the vehicle in question.

We provide same day service. Just call us to let us know about your car and its condition and we will offer a rough quote. Once you oblige and fix an appointment, we will come up, take a hard look at the car, pay the amount that you truly deserve and will tow away the car immediately. So it’s always the same day service.

There is no flat or fixed rate for the cars. The price you will pay will depend on the age, make, model, and condition of the car.

We pay in cash – right on the spot before towing away the vehicle. So it’s an instant payment in cash.

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