Winter Is The Season To Get Rid Of Junk Cars Adelaide (1)

Winter Is The Season To Get Rid Of Junk Cars Adelaide

We’ve had a particularly wet winter and although our gardens love it, all this moisture means bad news for cars.

If you’ve got a broken down, junk or damaged car sitting around in your yard in the Adelaide, area this wet weather may well have sealed the fate of these cars. When a car that is already damaged is exposed to the elements, it can make the problems much worse.

Rust damage on junk cars

Rust occurs when the protective layer or coating on the car is compromised. All it takes is one small crack, chip or dent to allow rust to get in and take over. Look for rust emerging in areas where there is paint discolouration, wear in the surface coat or building in the surface of the paint. Rust will often appear around corners and connections to other car parts. Exposure to constant wet weather and high moisture content in the air will make existing rust patches much worse and compel you opt for junk car removals in Adelaide. If you haven’t kept up with cleaning or waxing your car’s surface, this winter may well have taken its toll on your car and caused excessive rust.

Flat batteries in junk cars

We all know that wet weather and cold temperatures cause problems for car batteries. If a flat battery is the last straw and you don’t want to spend another dollar on your damaged or junk call, then simply call us. Your battery may have become corroded, and that’s dangerous. You might notice that the plastic or rubber insulation on the battery is cracked. If a dead battery is the last straw then contact us for hassle-free car removal against top-dollar cash for cars in Adelaide. We’ll tow the car and get it out of your way for good.

Water damage in junk cars

If water has managed to get into the engine of your old car, this can cause problems.We’ve also collected plenty of cars with water damage to the seats and upholstery. Moisture damage is extremely bad for car fabric and surfaces. If you’ve allowed water to get into the main body of the car, the seats and carpets could well be rotten and may be starting to break down. You will know water has made its way into the body through the smell- it will be damp and musty. Most unpleasant!

Winter car tows and removals

If you’ve had a car sitting around, and you’ve been wondering what to do with it, now is the time to make the decision and get rid of it. Our Adelaide wreckers will come and collect your car from wherever it is located and give you a fair price for it. Rain or hail, stormy weather or sunshine, we work all year around and will come and help you whatever the weather is doing.

Spring is just around then corner. Don’t bother trying to revive a broken down, damaged vehicle that you haven’t used all winter. Get ahead of the game, and do a spring clean of your yard now. Contact us to remove those old cars that are just taking up space and get quick Cars for Cash in Adelaide delivered straightaway to your pocket. Give the car a cleanup, take out everything you want to keep and call us to come and collect it.

We collect cars in all kinds of conditions. And there is no need to be embarrassed or worried about the state of the car you want us to remove against cash for junk cars in Adelaide. Trust us, we’ve seen it all- cars with seats so rotten they fall apart when being removed. Cars with engines so rusty it’s hard to see the original parts. Cars full of rubbish and even a car that had been left in the yard so long that a local family of mice had moved in.

Many people we buy cars from have left cars outdoors at their holiday houses or rural properties. In some cases these cars haven’t been started for years! We can travel to the outer suburbs of Adelaide, as well as regional Adelaide and real Adelaide by negotiation.

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