Mad March means madness on the roads in Adelaide

Mad March means madness on the roads in Adelaide

March has got to be the busiest time of year in Adelaide. The Adelaide Fringe is in full swing, with over 1000 shows happening at more than 350 venues around our state. On top of Fringe is the Adelaide Festival, with world-class performances and the famous weekend-long musical extravaganza that is Womadelaide.

After a couple of quiet festival seasons, we are now right into March and enjoy the concerts, cabaret, theatre and dance performances and exhibitions. For many reasons, it’s the perfect time of year to look for old cars for sale in Adelaide and get rid of cars that are broken down or ready to be sold for scrap.

Feeling festive?

Enjoy the last of the summer weather and get some cash to enjoy sunny days in the Garden of Unearthly Delights! There is so much happening that it’s hard not to get swept up in the festivities. If you’re in a position that you could do with some extra cash to help fund your Fringe-time fun, then, why not sell those old, disused, junk cars? Broken down old cars don’t do any good sitting in your yard. If you’ve been intending to sell your car, but just haven’t gotten around to it, now is the time to get rid of the same and get instant cash for your old and junk cars in Adelaide.

Congestion on the roads

During this most social of seasons, we have seen an increase in the number of vehicles in the city and at venues and centres around the state. And this means, unfortunately, more dings, dents, damage and accidents. If your car has been involved in an accident and is written off, just give us a call and we can come and collect it. We will meet you wherever the car is from the Adelaide CBD right through the suburbs and metropolitan area.

School is back

Many children around South Australia had a delayed start to their school year in 2022, and we have had many calls recently from parents who want to upgrade their car and get rid of their old and unsafe vehicles. If you need to upgrade to be able to get your kids safely to and from school, then give us a call so that we can get your old cars removed. The safety of your family should always come first. Don’t do the school run in an embarrassing, beat-up old car any longer. Contact our experienced auto wreckers Adelaide, and we will let you know what your old car is worth.

Back to work

Many of us have had several months working at home over the New Year period. If you haven’t used your old car to get to and from work, you might find it has given up the ghost completely. Have you headed out for your first day back at the office only to find the car won’t start? You wouldn’t be the only one. If you need to look at a new car to get you into work on time, then call us to help you dispose of the old one. We pay cash for cars every time.

Get ready for a road trip

It’s hard to believe that the April school holidays are not far away. If you want to take a road trip with the family, you’ll need a reliable and comfortable car to get you there. There is still time to upgrade before the holidays. So get on with getting rid of your old car now. Give us a call, we will make an offer and then collect your car for you. You’ll have cash in your pocket and ready to put towards a better and comfier family car.

No fuss car sales

We’re a unique South Australian business that does auto wrecking and spare parts sales. We know how wonderful and busy life can be in Adelaide, at any time of year, and we are here to make selling your junk car quick, easy and simple. So, don’t waste your time for a company on the internet with the keywords ‘sell my car for cash’. Instead, call us on 0410 887 394.


Can I Wash My Car in the Rain?

We have had a warm but wet start to spring, with plenty of decent rainfall during August and September. Some of our customers have been asking us about leaving their cars out in the rain for a wash before placing a request for selling a car in SA. Sounds like a good idea and a cheap way to get the car clean, right? Well, sure, a heavy rain can remove some dirt and dust from your car’s surface. But did you know that extensive exposure to rain can also damage the finish on your car?

Many newer cars are coated with a rain resistant surface, however if polish and conditioning treatment are not regularly applied, the surface of your car can become dull and damaged by constant exposure to the elements. The more rain that falls on the car, the more likely it is that the surface will degrade and become stressed, warped, rusted or damaged over time. Rainfall can also have a pollutant and contaminates that are acidic and will cause wear to the surface of your car.