Selling your junk car that has transmission problems

Selling your junk car that has transmission problems

We buy junk cars in all kinds of conditions, with all kinds of problems paying the best cash for junk cars in Adelaide, right on the spot. We buy cars that have been in accidents and cars that won’t start. We also often buy cars with extensive transmission problems. Transmission problems can be incredibly costly to repair but are unfortunately very common. In this article we will talk you through some of the signs that your transmission has a problem, and what your options are for dealing with it.

When do transmission problems occur?

Depending on the make and model of the car, transmission problems can occur early in the life of the vehicle. Certain cars are known to run into trouble at certain times. You can avoid encountering this by researching which cars most commonly run into transmission problems and don’t buy them! The cost of transmission replacement will also depend on the make and model but in some cases, costs to replace the transmission system can run into thousands of dollars.

What are the signs of transmission problems?

You should have your transmission checked if you notice any issues when changing gears. These issues could include pauses or jumps, or a slipping or grinding feeling. In manual cars, the gear stick can become hard to shift or literally won’t budget into another gear at all. Sometimes a transmission issue will become apparent due to leaking transmission fluid- you may notice a puddle or spill on your driveway. There may also be a burnt type of smell coming out from under the bonnet of the car. When you see these signs, it’s high time you sell your car in Adelaide

What to do when transmission fails?

When you find out that your car has serious transmission problems, you have to seriously think about if it is worth trying to get the problem fixed. You will need to make the decision about if you are prepared to replace the entire transmission system. If you don’t want to pay for the costs of transmission replacement and work, you could try and sell the car cheaply to someone who is willing to do the repairs themselves. Or, if the costs are too great and the car is at the end of its life, it might simply be time to cut your losses and sell the car for scrap.

Who should carry out the transmission replacement?

There are often also high costs of labour associated with the process of transmission replacement. You might be tempted to ask someone who you know tinkers around with cars to do the replacement for you. But we advise against this idea. There are lots of little things that can go wrong during a procedure like replacing an entire transmission. If you do want to get the work done, make sure you go to a reputable and experienced mechanic or risk having to spend even more to get the job done properly. However, if the transmission is beyond repairs, you need to sell it off to a company that pays instant cash for cars in Adelaide.

How to sell a car with transmission problems

Cars that often have transmission problems include Nissans Rouges and Pathfinders, Ford Fiestas and Focus and all models of Kias. We buy all makes and models of cars. We buy cars in all kinds of conditions, including those with blown out and broken transmission systems. Even when there are major problems with big internal systems like the transmission, we can still recover many parts and materials for scrap, following your junk car removals in Adelaide

When you contact us, simply let us know the car has a transmission issue, and we will make an offer to buy the car with this factor in mind. To proivide quick cash for cars in Adelaide, we can come and collect cars that can’t be driven, and will give you the money for your car before we tow it away. Contact us to discuss a sale price on 0410 887 394.


Auto Wreckers Near Me- How Can I Tell if Buyers Are Legitimate?

If you need to sell a car for scrap or parts, unfortunately, there are some dishonest and plain dodgy operators out there. If this is the first time you’ve had to search for ‘auto wreckers near me’, then you are likely to be unfamiliar with some of the tricks that certain wreckers can play. Here we outline some of the things you should watch out for, and explain how we work to ensure you get top cash for cars in Adelaide.

The good thing to know is that most car wreckers in Adelaide to operate with integrity. Many of the wreckers in our city have been around for a while- including us. If you’re trying to work out which wrecker to use, the first thing to check is that they are a licensed car buyers in Adelaide. You could also check their website for any license and business numbers, and read any reviews you can find.

Reviews are a helpful way you can get an idea about the kind of service Adelaide wreckers provide- but don’t forget that some sneaky operators might create false reviews about their business. Watch out for this dodgy selling behavior and avoid any sellers who try these unethical acts!


Can I Wash My Car in the Rain?

We have had a warm but wet start to spring, with plenty of decent rainfall during August and September. Some of our customers have been asking us about leaving their cars out in the rain for a wash before placing a request for selling a car in SA. Sounds like a good idea and a cheap way to get the car clean, right? Well, sure, a heavy rain can remove some dirt and dust from your car’s surface. But did you know that extensive exposure to rain can also damage the finish on your car?

Many newer cars are coated with a rain resistant surface, however if polish and conditioning treatment are not regularly applied, the surface of your car can become dull and damaged by constant exposure to the elements. The more rain that falls on the car, the more likely it is that the surface will degrade and become stressed, warped, rusted or damaged over time. Rainfall can also have a pollutant and contaminates that are acidic and will cause wear to the surface of your car.