Sell now! Shortage of car parts causes delays for buyers

Sell now! Shortage of car parts causes delays for buyers

There is a lot of demand for used car parts right now-both in Australia and around the world. If you have an old car sitting around, there has been no better time to sell it and get top-dollar cash for cars in Adelaide for the highly sought after parts, pieces and fittings.

Parts shortages in America 

Drastic shortages on car parts are plaguing traders and car owners in the USA.Bloomberg have reported that cars are being held up for weeks in garages waiting for repair, as it becomes harder and harder to get parts. In the past, it would take only a couple of days for parts to be delivered anywhere around the United States. Now, mechanics are waiting weeks to get what they need. One repairer said he waited for 90 days for the parts needed to repair some pickup trucks. These delays cause major problems for owners, who are stuck without a vehicle while they wait helplessly for parts.

America is heading into winter now, a time when cars fail more often and won’t start due to extreme weather conditions. One car owner waited weeks for carpet to replace the water damaged upholstery in her own vehicle! These delays are causing major problems for car owners in America.

Car parts needed South Australia

Delays are being seen here in Australia too. If you havea junk car sitting about in your garage or shed, now is the time to get rid of it by hiring licensed Adelaide car wreckers. Buyers are desperate to get their hands on car parts that have proven hard to find to track down.As thereare also delays to the delivery of new cars, many people are stuck and need parts to be able to keep their cars on the road. What good is a broken down old car doing in your yard? The longer you leave it the more damaged and rusted it will become, and this might impact the amount of money you can get for it.

Parts that buyers are after

So many parts of your junk car can be used for resale. Even if the car won’t start or is missing certain parts, you will be able to sell something for cash by hiring auto wrecker in Adelaide.

. Mechanics needs parts for use in repair yards and shops, right now. Parts that are in high demand include:

  • Engine parts
  • Transmission parts
  • Steering parts
  • Air conditioning and cooling parts
  • Suspension parts
  • Brake components
  • Fuel system components
  • Electrical system parts

When you reach us for car pick up for cash, you can let us know the make and model of your car, and any damage or missing parts you are aware of. We’ll make an offer, and when you accept, we will come and collect your car. It’s simple! Once the car is back to our yard, our experienced staff will carefully assess what can be safely reused or recycled and pay instant cash for cars in Adelaide right on spot.

Put parts back into the market

When you sell us your junk car, you will have the cash to use and enjoy, while doing a good turn for the environment and other people. Putting parts back into the car part market in South Australia helps other people to be able to keep their cars on the road. Finding parts can be such a headache for people and mean they are unable to use their car while they wait for what they need. We will salvage any part of your car that we can against top cash for cars in Adelaide and make it available for use by others.

Sell your junk car for parts

When you contact us about selling your car, we will make an offer over the phone. Our experienced team knows the value of cars, how popular individual makes and models are within the market and which car parts in particular are needed in the repair market. We buy used cars and offer you a fair price every time, and ensure used parts are returned to the market.

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