Extra cash for Christmas

Now is the time of year so many of us need extra cash- there are bills to pay, gifts to buy and holidays to be saving for. If you have an old car lying around, then now is the perfect time to sell it. An unroadworthy, broken down old car doesn’t do much good sitting in your driveway. Contact us to sell your car and get some extra cash for cars in Adelaide for Christmas. 

Christmas costs

The average Australian spends more than $700 on gifts each year. On top of that, there is extra spending on foods, drinks, decorations and summer holidays. This time of year can get expensive. Here are some of our suggestions on how to use money wisely this Christmas.

Try a Kris Kringle

Buying gifts for everyone, especially if you have a large family, can get really expensive. One idea to reduce spending on gifts is to organise a Kris Kringle or Secret Santa. Just set an amount that everyone is comfortable with, then allocate each person one gift to buy. Giving gifts this way reduces the amount of clutter and unwanted items received, and enables each person gets one special gift that they will value and cherish.

Change up Christmas routines

If you find yourself spending a lot of money on food and beverages at Christmas, then why not think about how you can do things differently. The festive season is really about catching up with friends and family and doesn’t have to involve a big spend on a five course meal. To save some money these holidays, why not try having Christmas brunch (with nibbles and champagne) rather than a sit down meal? Or, you could try going vegetarian and serving up fresh and cool salads and roasted vegetables. Rather than one family member doing all of the catering, invite all the guests to bring a special dish to contribute. 

Start planning early

Although we are already into December, there is nothing wrong with starting saving for the festive season as soon as you can… even if that is in January! If you have found yourself caught a bit short this Christmas, then get a head start next year. Even the smallest weekly contribution can add up in the long run. Consider even setting aside $2 a week for the year- there is your meat and vegetables paid for. If you start the year saving $5 a week and you will have enough to buy some cool gifts for the children. Start saving for next Christmas as soon as this one is over!

Sell your old, unwanted cars

If you really need some extra cash to see you through the holiday period- then why not sell some stuff? Have a look for anything old and collectables you have at home. This could include old crockery or china, antique furniture or retro toys and vinyl records. If you don’t have any of these now popular items at your disposal to sell, then why not sell your old, broken down and damaged old cars against instant cash for cars in Adelaide? Junk cars are worth good money for scrap and recycling.

Get cash for Christmas now

If you need money to get you through the festive season, give our friendly customer service team a call. We buy broken down and junk cars for cash for junk cars in Adelaide. We pay promptly in the form that suits you, meaning you will have some extra to make sure this Christmas is celebrated properly. We are working all through December and over the festive season, so if you want to make some extra money fast, then call us. We will come out and collect any old cars you want to sell, paying handsome cash for unwanted cars in Adelaide every time.

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