Can I Wash My Car in the Rain?

We have had a warm but wet start to spring, with plenty of decent rainfall during August and September. Some of our customers have been asking us about leaving their cars out in the rain for a wash before placing a request for selling a car in SA. Sounds like a good idea and a cheap way to get the car clean, right? Well, sure, a heavy rain can remove some dirt and dust from your car’s surface. But did you know that extensive exposure to rain can also damage the finish on your car?

Many newer cars are coated with a rain resistant surface, however if polish and conditioning treatment are not regularly applied, the surface of your car can become dull and damaged by constant exposure to the elements. The more rain that falls on the car, the more likely it is that the surface will degrade and become stressed, warped, rusted or damaged over time. Rainfall can also have a pollutant and contaminates that are acidic and will cause wear to the surface of your car.

Is it ok to leave my car in the rain?

Many people who live in apartments, flats and townhouses don’t have a garage, and leave their car parked outside all year around. Of course, it takes a lot of exposure to the weather for cars to become seriously rain damaged. But, if you don’t have access to a garage or carport, another option might be buying a large canvas car cover and securing it over the vehicle on the wettest and wildest spring days. These care covers are not very expensive and can add to the life of your car.

How can I protect my car against rain?

To add longevity to your car, you should also carry out regular waxing and surface treatments. These products add a protective layer across the paint and surface of the car while they repel rain and protect the paintwork. Waxing can be done at a carwash or you can buy it separately and apply it to your car yourself.  Use an applicator sponge to apply the wax over the car body, giving it that glorious shiny finish.

Parts to prevent rain damage

Another option might be fitting special protective parts to the car. Mudguards can work to effectively drain water away and keep it from collecting underneath the body of the car. This will help to protective the electrical systems, the engine and the exhausts, which can all be affected by water seeping in. Make sure you book a service for spring time too, to replace the windshield wipers, add wiper fluid and check for any excess water issues.

Can I sell my rusted car?

If you have an old junk vehicle in the Adelaide area which has been left to be exposed to the elements, then give us a call to earn handsome cash for scrap cars in Adelaide We purchase cars that have problems, including water damage, because we will use and reuse any parts that can be salvaged. If you have a car with rust damage, corrosion, peeling paint or water inside the body or engine, we will gladly take the car off or your hands, paying you top dollar cash for cars in Adelaide for it.

Replace damaged car

If your car has been sitting around the yard and been exposed to torrential rain and extreme sun, it will be costly to get the surfaces repaired to their original standard. Don’t bother investing in treating a car that is ruined. Contact us and we will offer you a fair price for your old rust bucket, which you can put towards a replacement car. We make selling cars quick, easy and simple and can buy cars for cash in Adelaide.

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