Auto Wreckers Near Me- How Can I Tell if Buyers Are Legitimate?

If you need to sell a car for scrap or parts, unfortunately, there are some dishonest and plain dodgy operators out there. If this is the first time you’ve had to search for ‘auto wreckers near me’, then you are likely to be unfamiliar with some of the tricks that certain wreckers can play. Here we outline some of the things you should watch out for, and explain how we work to ensure you get top cash for cars in Adelaide.

The good thing to know is that most car wreckers in Adelaide to operate with integrity. Many of the wreckers in our city have been around for a while- including us. If you’re trying to work out which wrecker to use, the first thing to check is that they are a licensed car buyers in Adelaide. You could also check their website for any license and business numbers, and read any reviews you can find.

Reviews are a helpful way you can get an idea about the kind of service Adelaide wreckers provide- but don’t forget that some sneaky operators might create false reviews about their business. Watch out for this dodgy selling behavior and avoid any sellers who try these unethical acts!

Payment delays

Most legitimate wreckers will always give you cash or instant bank transfer on the spot. If your buyer says they can’t give you cash and will transfer your money at ‘some point’ in the future, you should be a bit suspicious. We make payment at the point when we purchase your car against best cash for cars.

Changing offers

One of your responsibilities as a seller is to be honest about the state of the car you are getting rid of, and truthful about any damage, accidents or incidents that the car has been involved in. Reputable Adelaide car wreckers will ask for the information they need, and make an offer based on that. It should not be the case that they change their offer when they get out inspecting and towing the vehicle. The only time you could expect an offer to change is if you have not provided all of the information about the state of the car and its condition. 

Charging you for the tow

If you’ve made plans over the phone to sell your vehicle for Cash 4 Cars there should not be any hidden costs to you. If the buyer arrives and says they can’t pay you the agreed amount because they need to deduct towing fees, then you should turn them away. We would never charge you for towing your car or reduce our offer to cover tow fees. Towing is not a cost we pass on to our customers. 

Describing your car as worthless

Because we salvage and reuse any and all parts of a car that we can, there is no way we would ever tell you that your car is worthless. If the car can still be called a car, that is, it’s not just a pile of parts, then your car is worth something! If any auto wrecker in Adelaide out there tells you they can’t give you something- even $50- for your car, then they are having you on. They are not doing you a favour by getting rid of it. If you get a zero valuation, try someone else!

Deliberately confusing you

You’ll likely switch off when a buyer repeatedly quotes legislation, your responsibilities or is getting really technical about the car and the wrecking industry. When you call us we keep things simple, clear and honest. We don’t need to bore you with the details of how we keep our books or the technicalities of the spare parts trade. Some operators deliberately try to confuse you or don’ tell the whole truth about what happens to the cars and parts they purchase. 

We are an experienced, local and customer focused wrecking and parts business in the Adelaide area. When you contact us we will make a fair offer every time and won’t try to trick of confuse you. Our friendly staff will clearly and simply explain the process, offer handsome cars for cash and go through the paperwork that needs to be completed. We make selling junk cars simple!

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