Wrecked in Adelaide

A Brief Account of Wrecked Car Removal for Cash in Adelaide

We purchase vehicles that have been involved in accidents and crashes, and we will collect your car from any suburb in the metropolitan area of Adelaide. If your car has been in an accident and is beyond repair, don’t bother having it towed to an alternative location. As a reputed auto wrecker in Adelaide we can come to the scene of the accident and get rid of the car right away. We are out and about 24hrs a day, helping people who have been unlucky enough to have been involved in a collision. Call us on 0410 887 394 and we will make an offer to buy your wrecked vehicle.

Car accident sites in SA

For many years, the most common site for road accidents in South Australia has been the Britannica roundabout in Kent Town. We have certainly picked up a few vehicles from this spot, which is on the eastern side of the city. Many cars travel in this area as a ring route for the CBD. The state government has spent significant amounts to try and improve safety at this site, but accidents, most commonly T-bone collisions, continue to occur. If you need your car removed from Kent Town, around the city or the parklands, contact us on 0410 887 394.

Wrecked cars Northern suburbs of Adelaide

As a reputed name offering cash for wrecked cars in Adelaide, we often head out to the Northern suburbs to pick up cars that have been in collisions and accidents. We buy cars from accident sites in Edinburgh North, such as at the intersection of Stebonheath and Womma roads. Another intersection that sees frequent accidents is at Peachey and Curtis roads in Smithfield Plains. Accidents also commonly occur where Main North Road intersects with Philip Highway and Yorktown Road and where Main North Road meets Montague Road. We buy cars for scrap from all suburbs in the Northern Adelaide metropolitan region.

Wrecked cars Eastern suburbs of Adelaide

Another problem intersection can be found at corner of Payneham, Glynburn, Lower North East and Montacute roads, in Glynde. We buy cars from all across the Eastern suburbs, including those that have been involved in crashes and prangs. We also frequent collision points on Regency Road in Broadview, Enfield and Prospect. As a reputed provider of cash for wrecked cars in Adelaide, will come to you wherever your car is located in the Eastern Adelaide metropolitan region, pay you a fair price for it, and tow it away.

Wrecked cars Southern suburbs of Adelaide

Those of you who drive along Marion Road in the morning or evening will know how heavy the traffic gets during peak hour. Accidents including rear-end collisions, right turns and side swipes are common all along Marion Road, but particularly at the Cross Road, Henley Beach Road and Sturt Road intersections. Don’t leave your damaged car down south- our Adelaide wreckers will make it easy for you to sell your car in Adelaide.

When do accidents happen in Adelaide?

Data has shown that most car accidents happen during peak traffic, either between 8-9am or during the after-school and work traffic rush. The single most common hour for accidents to occur is between 5-6pm. In Adelaide, the most common day for accidents to occur is on a Friday. Fewest accidents happen in Adelaide on Sundays. Our wreckers in Adelaide work purchasing and picking up cars all hours of the day and night, so we will answer your call whenever you need us. We will make an offer for your wrecked car and pay you a fair price every time.

We buy wrecked cars

In many cases, there is no point in repairing a car that has been involved in a major accident. Accidents happen around Adelaide every day of the year. If you are unlucky enough to total your car in an accident, let us take care of the wreck and remove it from the scene of the crash. We pay cash for junk cars in Adelaide and salvage whatever we can from the body. Don’t delay- call us on 0410 887 394 to sell your car in Adelaide for the best cash.

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